CommonGround Golf Course

CommonGround Golf Course is a new Tom Doak designed facility scheduled to open in the spring of 2009.

The facility will be the home of the CGA & the CWGA, and will be an affordable public facility built to support the mission of both organizations to "...represent, promote, and serve the best interests of golf in the state of Colorado".

The facility will include a world class 18 hole Championship Golf Course, a short course devoted to Junior Golf development, and a full service practice facility.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Only Two More Holes to Go!

Time sure is flying! In just 8 short weeks, the team has been able to complete 16 holes. This week, we finished seeding holes #11 and #9. This just leaves holes #10 & #18 to complete. If this weather holds, there is a good chance that every hole on the Championship Course will be complete by the end of next week!

Work continues to progress on the Kid's Course as well. This week, Tracy worked with Eric Iverson of Renaissance Golf Design to lay out the irrigation for the course, and make a few minor enhancements to the routing. Timing wise, once #18 is grassed the team will move over to the Kid's Course to finish the construction and grassing.

Finally, as you know from last week's post, the first official shot was struck at CommonGround. Well this week (not to make you all jealous or anything), the first holes were played. With some arm twisting (not too much though), I was able to convince Mr. Mate to join me in playing holes #12, #13, #4, #5, and #6! Granted the greens were only running about 6 on the stimpmeter, but all I can say is this course is going to be AWESOME!

I'll be moving next week and unfortunately will not be able to post another update until August 8th. By then, the course should be done! Have a great weekend!

For this weeks photos, click here: July 25th Photos

Friday, July 18, 2008

The First Shot Has Been Played!!

On Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 the first documented shot was played at CommonGround Golf Course on the green of hole #12. The honor went to Joanne Braucht, a CommonGround Board Member, during the first of four VIP tours of the golf course. After all the attendees had a chance to putt, a bunker shot contest was held for a round of golf. Tim Taylor barely edged out Berith Jacobsen (who unfortunately had to use a left handed 6 iron for the shot) for the prize.

For more photos of the VIP Tour and this week's course photos, click here: July 18th, Photos

On the construction end of things, the team had another very productive week. Highlights include:
1) Hole #1 was seeded (4 holes left to go!)
2) Drainage and irrigation was installed in the chipping/pitching green
3) Sand mix was added to the Putting Green, Hole #9 & Hole #10
4) Prep work will be completed on Hole #11 by Tuesday for seeding
5) Bridge construction to the tees on #12 began

They remain very optimistic that by the end of next week they will have both #11 and #9 seeded, leaving only #10 and #18 to complete. On the grow in side, Tracy added #3 and #8 greens to his mowing rotation this week bringing the total to 10 greens and 5 fairways that are being mowed.

J3 Engineering submitted our second round of civil drawings for the Starter Clubhouse to the City of Aurora this week, and Eidos is putting the final touches on the constructions drawings scheduled to be submitted next week.

Other than that, all I can say is that each day I can see more and more green out my window! Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tracy tells me he doesn't control the weather, but...

he sure is doing a great job of it. The condititions this year have been ideal for seeding. Just this week the team was able to get #2 and #17 seeded, bringing the total number of holes complete to 13. Tracy and his crew are currently mowing 7 greens (#'s 4,5,6,12,13,14,&15) and 5 fairways (#'s 4,5,12,13,&14). Holes #1 and #11 are in the final stages of prep work and we will look to get #1 finished next week. Additionally this week, construction on the bridges to the tee boxes on #12 has begun.

On the operation end of things, we are working hard on the pricing structure for the facility and should be able to release the rates by the end of the summer. Also, we have made our second submittal to the city of Aurora for our plans for the Starter Clubhouse and are still on schedule for construction to begin sometime in September.

Enjoy the cool down this weekend! For this weeks photos, click here: July 12th Photos

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

When Dwight McCormack of ACC (I generally refer to him as Chief Dirt) told me yesterday that the dirt on site at CommonGround might very well be the best dirt he has ever worked with, I was astonished. I've spent plenty of hours trying to dig holes through bentonite clay in my own yard to form the opinion that great dirt and Colorado don't go hand in hand. Well to me, this meant:

I admit I am no expert, but based on how well the grass has already begun to establish itself with the help of Tracy and crew, I'm extremely excited about how good the playing conditions will eventually be!

Thanks to the great weather, the team has been cruising! This week they were able to finish seeding hole #16 and the entire Driving Range. We now have 11 entire holes complete as well as the Driving Range! By the end of this week, Tracy and crew will be mowing 6 of the greens (#'s 4,5,12,13,14,&15) and 4 of the fairways (#'s 4,5,12,&13). Looking ahead, holes #2 and #17 have been prepped and will be seeded next week, while #1 and #11 will be prepped for seeding in the near future. Finally, shaping has begun on the Kid's Course.

Have a great holiday weekend! For this weeks photos, click here: July 3rd Photos.